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Sang Suh

Cupertino, California | Phone: (408) 482-6721

Email: sanghosuh@gmail.com | Portfolio : www.sanghosuh.com


Professional Summary


Player-focused 3D Artist with an equal passion for the art and corporate dynamics of the gaming industry. Versatile, with the ability to bring worlds to life and push the visual development of a company’s environment art style.  Sharp artistic talents, technical aptitude, and the ability to collaborate with clients, colleagues, and senior management teams. Analyzes competitors, through market research, and implements industry trends to innovate and expand the development of gaming projects. Successfully mastered the ability to operate under tremendous pressure with large workloads and tight deadlines with extreme attention to detail. Recognized repeatedly for mastery project management skills and ability to quickly learn and effectively execute project goals through independent work and exceptional team collaboration.


Qualifying skills

§   Long-time gamer with an early exposure to the corporate culture of the business with a natural passion for the gaming industry.

§   Experience overseeing technical and artistic development for various projects, creating 3D environments, and character models with animation based on concept designs.

§   Extremely proficient with leading industry software programs like Maya, Zbrush, 3D-Coat, Substance Painter, Unity, Photoshop, Unreal 4, Marmoset, Microsoft Office Suits.

§   Learned to operate and communicate on a specialized project where all progress and updates were “live” requiring nearly 100% accuracy in all aspects of the assignment.

§   A keen eye for spatial composition, lighting, and building realistic and believable space that captivate and draw players in.

§   Cleverly creative with the demonstrated ability to utilize unique problem-solving strategies and complex analytical skills.

professional experience


3D Artist | Apple Inc. (Cupertino, CA)                                                                                                   2016 – 2017

§   Assisted with various projects and trained to complete all jobs within the 3D Vision team to perform various tasks as needed.

§   Corrected a large database of assets by quickly finding problems and solutions.

§   Designed and implemented the development of the cities for 3D Flyover City Tours.

§   Managed approximately 30 block outs of the city to optimize and polish the 3D aspects of the Flyover project.

§   Prioritized creating and polishing the environment to meet the demands of the project.

§   Analyze and optimize geometry to fit the requirement of the project.

§   Trains and mentors new designers and staff and have supervisory experience for approximately ten colleagues.

§   Received specialized training to learn the proprietary engine (software) for an undisclosed project. Reviewed hundreds of assets daily ensuring they followed specifications outlined by the developer’s terms.


Game Design Intern | Gala-Net / Gala-Innovation for Mobile. (Sunnyvale, CA)                                      2012 -  2013

§   Conceptualized, researched, and designed a world-building mobile game genre that implemented features and qualities popular among players that favor this particular genre.

§   Assisted in the development of the overall concept of a gaming project and assumed leadership within the design team.

§   Reported to the CEO on the project management and business model of the game.

§   Engaged in the hiring process of three team members with the company’s CEO.

§   Wrote and designed a Game Design Document (approximately 100 pages).

§   Polished the design of the aesthetics and gameplay of the project

§   Created 2D assets (ranging from character concepts to environments) for the lead artist from concept to beta stage of the project.


North America Procurer | HanGuk Oil Cleaner (Sunnyvale, CA)                                                           2014 -  2016

§   Settled price negotiations with distributors for industrial parts worth over $100K in invoices.

§   Translated contracts for multimillion-dollar deals with leading motor companies in the United States.

§   Served as an executive liaison for the CEO across corporate departments in both Korea and US.




Bachelor of Fine Arts: Game Design, 2015

Academy of Art University